Abertax team awarded best poster prize for microCHP research at IRES2021

The Abertax team is honoured to have received the prestigious “Best Poster” prize for the microCHP research project presented at the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference IRES2021.

Abertax is committed to enabling the energy transition towards renewables through significant contributions in order to achieve Environmental Sustainability.

Abertax nominated in the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards 2021

This year we have submitted our AMC project for the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards 2021 and are delighted it has been nominated along with two others!

The Abertax Master Controller (AMC) is a device that complements our e²bms battery monitoring products by collecting data automatically and routing this data to a central database where it can be viewed and analysed via a web-based interface. The power of the AMC lies in its unique modular software structure that allows the data to be accessed directly from the AMC, via local servers, remote servers or cloud based servers according to the application requirements.

BCI Innovation Award – Abertax Honourable Mention

The BCI Innovation Award recognizes the leading innovations in the lead battery industry and serves as a showcase of industry advancements to industry peers and to the public.

Submissions to the BCI Innovation awards are judged on criteria including sustainability, safety, cost, performance, uniqueness, and value.

At the 2021 BCI Convention and Power Mart Expo, Abertax received an honourable mention for its innovative submission.

The Innovation presented by Abertax was about the Abertax Master Control System (AMC). The AMC has a powerful modular software that allows data to be collected automatically from multiple e²BMSs and stored in common database that can reside in AMC hardware itself on a local server or internet server within the company or integrated to any cloud service.

The Abertax AMC allows for real time data collection and storage where users can see battery status at a glance, optimise fleet management and enhance battery usage by identifying over stocking or over usage of batteries.

Abertax will be investing in making the workplace more comfortable and accessible for workers with disability by benefitting from Malta Enterprise’s funding.

Maltese company working in research, innovation puts new products on the market after public funding


PM visits Abertax – company investing €1 million in battery-related products


‘Increased investment in research, innovation will boost Malta’s competitiveness’ – Dalli

New initiatives aimed at further advancing lead battery development have been unveiled by Malta-based Abertax Technologies


Maltese-based firm Abertax Technologies and Luxembourg’s Accumalux Group have signed a co-operation agreement aimed at giving customers a one-stop lead-acid components service.