• ABERTAX(R) CLS Standard

  • The New ABERTAX® CLS Capacitive Battery Electrolyte Level Sensor uses Patented Technology which
    allows numerous advantages over all other sensors on the market. Green light indicates that the electrolyte is at or above the specified minimum level. Flashing red indicates that the electrolyte is below minimum.

    The standard version has an integrated LED and level probe.

  • Product and Safty Features

    • Patented technology that eliminate selectrolysis corrosion between the probe and cell plates
    • Easiest installation inshortest time by qualified service personnel
    • Allows installation in any of the 6 cells supplying the sensor
    • Supply wires are fed from opposite ends to eliminate wire loops and allow maximum isolation
    • Protected against transient voltages
    • Protected against over current in all the three possible paths
    • Sensor not damaged by wrong polarity connection
    • Protected against electro-magnetic interference
    • Patented WLW connector that ensures a perfect battery seal designed for bolted type of batteries (WLW); other connectors for welded type are also available
    • Acid resistant body with grommets to ensure a perfect seal between the wire and housing
    • Sensor probe with Gauge Guard to protect probe from touching the separators
  • Mechanical Construction

    The New Abertax Capacitive Level Sensor has an acid resistant housing with wire grommets for a perfect seal between the wire and housing. To ensure an accurate installation of the sensor, use the Abertax Drill only. The GaugeGuard supplied with the sensor has three functions: to protect the probe from touching the separators, to provide a good seal between the probe and battery lid as well as to ensure the right length of the sensor probe. The probe can be installed in any cell between the supply voltage cells.

  • Installation

  • Technical Data

    Supply voltage 12V (6 x 2V cells) 
    Current consumption<20mA 
    Operational temperature range -25 …+80°C 
  • Available Models


      WLW ConnectorStandard ConnectionTerminal Connection
    TypeProbe LengthPart NumberPart NumberPart Number
    O-Ring*77 mm55 72 01 03 00N55 72 01 01 00E55 72 01 02 00J
     127 mm***55 22 01 03 00055 22 01 01 00S55 22 01 02 00W
     Gauge Guard**77 mm55 71 01 03 00A55 71 01 01 00255 71 01 02 006
    127 mm55 21 01 03 00N55 21 01 01 00E55 21 01 02 00J