Product Design

kemtrnoics product design

Our Research and Development department has been set up to offer our clients a complete package, from concept to finished product.


Over the years we have successfully designed systems for a number of small, medium and large clients in industrial, consumer, scientific, medical, led lighting and other niche markets. We can assist you in any phase of the design cycle, from drafting specifications to final production.


Our expertise will reduce your time to market. We have worked with a variety of communication protocols, microcontrollers and have tried and tested hardware, software and firmware routines. We can designed PCB’s with any number of layers, as required by the design, and with any type of package, including BGA’s and SOC’s. All our boards are designed using IPC7351 guidelines.


Our labs are equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform accurate measurements, detailed product tests and even the main pre-compliance tests.


We always work hand in hand with the client to come up with the best solution based upon budgets and more importantly finished product costs.